Naturally Random?

All of my life I’ve felt like I’ve never really had a niche.  Most of the kids that I grew up with had something special that they were really good at whether it was dancing, singing, drawing, sports, anything….I always admired them and wanted to be them. When I was a kid I played piano, flute, guitarContinue reading “Naturally Random?”

Hurricane Matthew 10/7/16

    On October 7, 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit our area.  I will always remember when it hit since it happened on the 4 year anniversary of my mother’s death.  Hurricane season in Florida is when meteorologists get excited and residents freak out for no reason.  Usually the more dramatic they are on TV, theContinue reading “Hurricane Matthew 10/7/16”

Childhood and Adulthood Collide at the Stryper Concert 9/30/16

On 9/30/16 at approximately 9:30pm at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida I got to see Stryper for the second time in my life.    They were always one of my favorite bands growing up and have followed them through the years.  I never had a chance to see them when I was youngerContinue reading “Childhood and Adulthood Collide at the Stryper Concert 9/30/16”

The Magic Money Challenge

The Magic Money Challenge is a 3 month challenge that I’ve set for myself to see how much money I can make JUST by picking up coins (or hopefully paper money!) off of the ground everywhere I go.  Even though I just got around to posting this, the challenge started October 1, 2016 and will endContinue reading “The Magic Money Challenge”

Our Trip to the Outer Banks, NC

Ron and I just got back from spending a week in Corolla, North Carolina with our friends. Corolla is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina between Whale Head Beach and Currituck Sound. We had been wanting to visit the area for some time now so when our friends asked us if we wanted toContinue reading “Our Trip to the Outer Banks, NC”

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