Childhood and Adulthood Collide at the Stryper Concert 9/30/16

On 9/30/16 at approximately 9:30pm at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida I got to see Stryper for the second time in my life.    They were always one of my favorite bands growing up and have followed them through the years.  I never had a chance to see them when I was younger but saw them at the Stony Pony when I lived in NJ back in the early 2000’s at the age of 26 and they were great! Since then, they kind of broke apart and Michael Sweet had a solo career for a while and collaborated with other musicians/bands.  When they announced that they were doing a 30 year To Hell With The Devil tour the first thing I thought was….IT CANT BE 30 YEARS SINCE THE THWTD ALBUM CAME OUT!!!!  And the second thought was I HAVE TO GET THERE!!!


Taking it back to when I was a teenager, I used to have posters of them on my wall and wore my THWTD cassette tape out to the point where it literally broke.  Come to think of it, I wore In God We Trust to the point of no return also! I loved them so much that when I graduated from 8th grade I asked my music teacher to play “Honestly” as our graduation song.  I had the sheet music already because I USED to be able to play the song on the piano very well at one time in my life.  So I gave her the music, she learned the song on the piano, she played it at our graduation and we all sang along! I still have the video somewhere in my garage!

Michael Sweet

When I found out that they were coming to HOB Orlando, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to this concert even if I was going by myself!  My friend Jim and I were texting one day and we started talking about how Stryper was coming in town and that we needed to go!  We both agreed that this should definitely happen and he got tickets for us.  Jim’s 12 year old son wanted to go too and Jim had told him that he had to listen to the whole To Hell With The Devil CD first before he went! Well, he did and of course LOVED Stryper and came with us. Our significant others decided to sit this one out…too bad for them cause they missed one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while.

Oz Fox

After the concert, I was totally beat and I knew that I had about an hour and a half long trek home.  I said goodbye to Jim and his son and I left.  Well, I get a text from him at 1:30am saying “I have a surprise for you but don’t be mad at me”.  And I thought to myself …nahhhh..there’s no way that he met the band…ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!  So I texted him back with “Did you meet them?”  Then he proceeded to tell me about how he met the WHOLE band, they signed his son’s Bible that he caught when they were throwing the Bibles out into the crowd AND that he got two tickets signed!  What!!!! I knew I should have stayed!  Luckily, Jim is such a great friend that he asked Michael Sweet to say something to me in a video and I was over the moon!  Probably the closest I’ll ever get to meeting him! Ha!


It was an awesome night of hanging out with my friend and his son, an awesome night of great rock and roll with one of my favorite bands of all time…STRYPER.



Our Trip to the Outer Banks, NC

Our path to the beach 

Ron and I just got back from spending a week in Corolla, North Carolina with our friends. Corolla is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina between Whale Head Beach and Currituck Sound. We had been wanting to visit the area for some time now so when our friends asked us if we wanted to rent a house with them, we jumped on the opportunity to not only see them but to visit a place that people have been telling us to visit! We were a little worried at first about our trip considering Hurricane Hermine was ripping up the east coast and we didn’t know what we were in store for.  Luckily, we didn’t hit bad weather on our drive up until we reached the bridge that took us to the Outer Banks.   Our friends were coming from NJ and unfortunately they had bad weather most of their trip down.

Rough tide for a few days from Hurricane Hermine

Our house was situated about a mile from the beach (which we walked to almost every morning) and a few blocks from Currituck Sound.  We visited the Currituck Beach Lighthouse  and went on a Wild Horse Adventure Tour that was really interesting!  They take you on a ride in a Hummer and drive you to a part of the beach where the horses run wild. During the trip our tour guide Jake (not Jake from State Farm), gave us history on these magnificent creatures.  The only way to get to the area where they roam is with a vehicle with 4 wheel drive OR to take one of these tours.  So basically when the main road (NC12) built up the horses had no where to go so they were given protective status and relocated north of Corolla where they would be safe and where they live now. They spend most of their time walking the beach and through neighborhoods in packs of multiple females and usually one stallion.  If you’d like to learn more about these horses you can check out North Carolina’s Wild Horses.  It was definitely nature at it’s best!  The tour lasted about 2 hours and I highly recommend doing the tour instead of trekking out there on your own.  You will definitely get more out of the experience since the guide gives you a history of how they got there and how they plan on keeping them there.

A stallion and his 4 ladies
Nothing to see here…just a few horses walking through someones lawn
Currituck Sound

Currituck Lighthouse

The rest of our time consisted of fishing, crabbing, eating, drinking, relaxing and SHOPPING!  Some of you may know, I am NOT a shopper by any means but when every store you go to has 50% off , I SHOP! We mostly shopped at a place called Timbuck II  which also had restaurants and go-carts.

All in all, I think Corolla is a wonderful area with lots to do.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will probably visit again some day in the future!

Till next time…I’ll see ya soon!


My First Blog Post!

Hi everyone and welcome!  Yes, it’s true, I’ve started my own blog!  I had one many years ago before they were as popular as they are today, but I always forgot to update it. Around that time, MySpace and AOL chat rooms were very popular and those were instant gratification in real time to converse with other human beings about topics that you had in common, so writing a blog seemed boring at the time.  As time has gone by,  I’ve been observing other blogs and realized that maybe I should be doing this.  I enjoy writing, socializing and many bloggers make money doing it!  It’s a win, WIN as far as I’m concerned!

So make sure that you subscribe to this blog and share with your friends!