The Magic Money Challenge

A few years back I started a Magic Money Challenge. It was a challenge to see how much money I could accumulate from money I found on the ground. As time went by, I quit doing it (not sure why) but I’m going to start doing it again. As of right now, I have $7.65Continue reading “The Magic Money Challenge”

October Goals – September Update 2020

Here’s how my September Goals went…. To plant oregano, parsley and cilantro in the pots that have dead plants in them #RIP GOAL MET: I planted parsley and cilantro. I couldn’t find oregano seeds for some reason. BUT, in place of the oregano, I planted a salsa mix which contained, tomatoes, jalepeno peppers and greenContinue reading “October Goals – September Update 2020”

Free Sample Update

Hey all. So I started sending for free samples from a few websites. I found a website called Sweet Free Stuff and it has a bunch of different companies who send out freebies. I wish I could remember every company that I requested freebies from but I know that one of them was a ClayContinue reading “Free Sample Update”

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