Free Sample Update

Hey all. So I started sending for free samples from a few websites. I found a website called Sweet Free Stuff and it has a bunch of different companies who send out freebies. I wish I could remember every company that I requested freebies from but I know that one of them was a Clay Mask sample from Sephora. They sent me the email below 🙃

The other website that I signed up for is Sample Source. With this website, you sign up with your email address and they send you an email when freebies are available (side note: I recommend opening up a separate email address when you sign up for freebies and use it only for that so it doesn’t annoy the hell outta you in your primary email).

That’s all for now. Looking forward to getting my free samples and sharing with you what was sent to me!

Till next time….I’ll see ya soon!


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Money Goals

savingpng-2-e1532093021149I’m trying to make a list of money goals that I would like to attain within the next 5 years.  I’d like to be able to make $1000 more a month to pay off our bills, our cars and save for a second property/home (I now have $49.75 in the second home fund…(I MAY need to step up my game a bit!).  I’ve done heavy research on making money online and have been following bloggers on how they make money on the internet and I’m ready to put this plan into motion!

As of right now, I make close to nothing with a few of my side hustles and I’d like to change that sooner rather than later!  The way that I am going to do this is:

  • Online surveys
  • Saving money on groceries by couponing, using money saving apps and buy one get one free items (aka..BOGO’s).  Goal: $70 a week
  • Saving money on ANYTHING I buy online with apps like Ebates
  • Pick up every coin (or bill) that I find on the ground, put it in a jar, then when the jar is full, cash it in.  I also have a separate jar with all OUR change, not the pennies from heaven.
  • Sell some of our stuff on Ebay and Amazon
  • Create more items for my Zazzle store
  • Put more time and effort into my Thirty One Gifts business and real estate business

I would also like to be able to save 5% from my paycheck and my husband’s paycheck every two weeks to put into an emergency fund (which I want to be separate from a savings account we have) AND into a second home fund.  This is going to be tough since we have other debt that we would like to pay off fast but it’s so important to have an emergency fund and owning another property has always been a dream of ours.

So there you have it!  My money goals written down and posted on the internet for all to see!  Some of these goals are already in motion but it’s time to take them more seriously then we have been lately.  There’s always room to save more money.  It’s just a matter of what you can live without.  Time will tell!  🙂

Till next time…I’ll see ya soon!!


My Grocery Trip 7/14/18

Yesterday I went food shopping at Winn Dixie and went over my goal of only spending $70 on groceries. See my total and savings below:



I received $.25 back from Ibotta and 1,541 points toward a $5.00 Amazon gift card on Fetch Rewards which brought my total to $85.45!  I also completed a Winn Dixie survey which will earn me $5 off of my next trip of $40 or more. I could have done so much better but it’s not easy when you’ve been slacking on couponing lately and trying to get back on track.  Next week I’ll have to try and make up for overspending this week.

Final analysis of my trip:

  • I spent $15.45 over my goal of $70 a week (UGH)
  • I am now eligible for an Amazon gift card (you can choose other stores but I’m an Amazon freak) with points from a few weeks of shopping
  • I’ve been doing Swagbucks surveys and am almost at a total where I am eligible for a $5.00 gift card to Amazon or other select stores.

Another thing that I did this weekend was check balances on some of our gift cards that we received for our birthdays and Christmas.  We had a total of $55 in gift cards! 

Do you have gift cards that you’ve forgotten about? Time to check them!

Till next time..I’ll see ya soon!



Making Money During the Holiday Season and ANYTIME! 

Did you know that there are ways to make money through apps and websites for everyday things that you already buy for your household?  No?  Well there is!  I’m going to talk about 3 of them that I use all the time.

  1. Ibotta – When you sign up for Ibotta you get cash back for purchasing everyday things such as groceries, pharmacy, clothing, alcohol, restaurants, online shopping and convenience stores.  All you have to do is download the app on to your smartphone and you’re off to saving!  You can earn MORE money when you add your friends and THEY spend money.  With the teamwork you can earn bonus money and you can also earn money from referrals.  If you haven’t signed up for Ibotta yet and you sign up through me you will receive $10 when you sign up and redeem your first rebate. I will also receive $5 for you signing up through me and $5 more when you redeem your first rebate.
  2. Ebates – When you sign up for Ebates you also earn cash back just as you do for Ibotta. With Ebates though they use a percentage system that can range from 1% to 10% OR MORE of your online order. For example, my IPad battery died on me a few weeks back so I decided to purchase an iPad Pro from Walmart. I went through the Ebates app, I clicked on Walmart, activated the 4% back, ordered the iPad, got free shipping to store and picked up in 3 hours! It’s really a no brainer!  You get paid quarterly and they automatically deposit it into your PayPal account.  If you sign up through me and spend $25 you will get $10 and I will get $25 !  Refer YOUR friends and earn MORE money!
  3. Swagbucks – When you sign up for Swagbucks there are all different types of ways to earn gift cards. You can watch movie trailers, do surveys, answer polls and enter in codes that they post on their FB page or they send notifications to you with codes or special offers.  It’s fun but I have yet to earn a gift card because I really don’t spend as much time as I should to earn them!  I’d rather scroll through things that DONT make me money like drama filled Facebook or other social media platforms! Hahaha!  Time to reevaluate my priorities!

If you haven’t joined any of the apps above, I suggest you do so.  Why not save some more money on top of department sales and on things you already purchase!

Have fun!!!