4 Reasons Why I Am Not Going to the Motley Crue Stadium Tour

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Some of my friends and people on social media have been asking me if I am going to the Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett stadium tour so I decided to make a list of 4 reasons why I will NOT be spending my money on this tour.

1 – Although I am very much a fan of Motley Crue, Vince Neil lost his voice decades ago. I’ve spent my money to see them over the years and have left extremely disappointed. The band is great and they put on an awesome show, it’s just Vince. It’s a shame. And if you are reading this and saying “you’re wrong, he sounded great at the concert that I went to”, stop lying and let’s be honest, they should have gotten John Corabi to sing on this tour instead but what do I know?

2 – As much as I am a fan of Def Leppard and Poison, I have already seen them and although I have enjoyed their concerts in the past, I kind of wish that they went on tour without Motley in a smaller venue. I would drop good money just to see them play and attend meet and greets. Jumping on this stadium tour with Motley I think may do them a disservice because I know that there are people out there that feel the exact same way as me. As for Joan Jett, I’ve never seen her perform before but hope to see her at another time.

3 – I am unsure who did the planning for this tour but I think that it’s ridiculous that they are coming to Florida in the dead of summer when it is 100+ degrees and not to mention the fact that it storms every day in the summer. Very poor planning if you ask me. For example, NASCAR has been running, or shall I say ruining, their July races in Daytona for years and every year it’s hot as hell and every year it is delayed because of rain/thunderstorms. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they should change the schedule around a little, but since they haven’t I guess they don’t care about their fans as much as lining their pockets. Same rings true for this stadium tour.

4 – Last but not least, didn’t the Crue have their final tour back in 2014-2015? Oh, and by the way, I didn’t go to that one because I knew better! I know that many other bands do this all the time and announce that it is their last tour only to come back years later to announce ANOTHER last tour and so on and so on and you know what, shame on them too! Not to mention that they suckered their fans to come to this last tour to only come back and want more of your money to listen to Vince unable to sing, AGAIN!

As I wrap this up, I didn’t post this to discourage you to NOT go to the concert but I wanted to share my feelings as to why I won’t be going to this concert. If you’ve never seen Motley live and decide to go please do not expect Vince to live up to any expectations that you may have of him. On another note, Nikki, Tommy and Mick are still amazing to see live so if you can get passed the horrendous singing, you may enjoy this one! I hate to be a Negative Nelly but when it comes to music, I call it like I see it!

Till next time, I’ll see ya soon!