2019 Goals

Reflecting back on 2018

One of my quotes from 2017 was:

“I feel like 2017 was a learning process and this year (2018) will be where I put plans into actions”

One of the biggest plans I put into motion in 2018 was getting a new job. I won’t go into the details on why I left my old job but it was time for something else. I’ve been at my new job for 4 months now and it was the best decision I ever made!

Another plan I put into motion was carrying a notebook in my purse to write down ideas that came to my head. That notebook has really helped me through the year. Ideas that I thought were bad at the time didn’t seem so bad when I would read it back at a later date and vice versa.

I also dabbled in filming some YouTube videos to see if I like being on camera and the jury is still out on that one. If I do anymore videos in the future they will be different than I’ve done before and better quality.

I have a list of goals I had for 2018 below and here is how I did.

More writing – PASS – My Graves’ Disease book is still a work in progress but I wrote more this year for it and other ideas for books.

Less TV – FAIL – In fact I may have watched MORE TV in 2018 than 2017. Insert my Friends marathons. I know, I have problems!

More reading – FAIL – I planned to read more books but it didn’t really materialize.

Less game playing – PASS – I deleted Candy Crush and a few other games off of my phone and iPad.

More meditation – PASS – I’ve been waking up most mornings and doing deep breathing exercises and at night before bed also.

More exercise – PASS – I lost a few pounds from walking on my breaks at work but my weight fluctuates because of my stupid thyroid so I can lose it and gain it back pretty fast if I do not stick to it.

More taking care of myself – PASS – I am who I am!

Less worrying about things that I cannot control – PASS – I’m always going to worry about things I can’t control BUT I think I did better this year than previous years so I gave myself a PASS.

As for 2019, I’ve compiled a list below of goals for this year.


1. Pay off our cars

2. Cut the cable

3. Save approximately 5% or more of our income for savings


1. Muscle stretches before bed and when I wake up

2. Walk 1/2 mile to a mile a day



1. Write more – This is a given

2. Read more – I subscribed to Entrepreneur and Rachael Ray magazine again (I used to subscribe many moons ago) and I got a discount from my job. I subscribed to Entrepreneur for $2.00 for the year and Rachael Ray free for the year! Reading books and magazines on my phone or iPad has just kept me staring at a screen that I want to get away from. I’m definitely going old school with my magazines this year and maybe my books!

3. Less time scrolling through social media – I waste way too much time on this and have been for a while now.


1. Make my own skin care products – Save money and less chemicals

2. Bake our own bread – Same reason

3. Continue to grow fresh vegetables and herbs – Right now my herbs are ready to be cut and dried out and the cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day are growing nicely!

Well, there you have it! New goals for a new year approaching us and a look back to last year.

I hope that everyone has a great new year!

Till next time…I’ll see ya soon!

~ Stacy


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