Should I YouTube or Not?


Hope everyone is doing well….now back to me….should I start a YouTube channel?

I’ve been pondering this venture for months now and just recently did a search on YouTube and Google to see if there were 40 year olds making YouTube videos.  I have to say, I had a hard time finding them!  Although, during my search for answers, I came across some information that was rather interesting.  I found an article that said Generation X are a much smaller group of people stuck in the middle of Baby Boomers and Millennials! Although I already knew this, the key word…SMALLER is what drew me to a few conclusions!  Maybe the reason is that there really aren’t many of us and we have been overcome with the generation before us and the overflow of Millennials where we may not have our own identity anymore?  Maybe most of us do not have the time to have channel’s because we are working all the time to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads?  Maybe we just don’t care what the world thinks of us? It’s possible.  Now, i’m not putting down Millennials because I subscribe to a few “millennial channels” and some are informative and hilarious (I may be addicted), but there are so many of you!  Where did you all come from!?!?!?!

So back to my decision to have a YouTube channel or not.  I’ve been experimenting with videos at home and I have some ideas but just haven’t started a channel yet.  I don’t really have a niche (and probably never will) but I feel like I want to explore doing videos in addition to this blog.  I also feel like my generation needs to have a voice and connect to other people our age, whether it is in a blog, book or yes, even a YouTube video! So, I guess I may have made up my own mind, a YouTube channel it is!  See you there!  I’ll post when I have the guts to do it!  🙂

By the way, if you are a 40 something and have an active YouTube channel, post it below!



I am a Real Estate Agent!



Yes…it happened!  I finally passed my real estate exam on April 1st (and NO this is not a joke…it REALLY happened!).  I’ve been trying to pass this exam for, no lie, almost a year to the day! Granted, I wasn’t taking the exam EVERYDAY or even every month since I have a full time job which limited me to only Saturday’s but let me tell you, this test is NO JOKE!  I have gone through 4 years of college and graduated with my bachelor’s degree and this test was harder than any test I’ve had to take in college.  I’ll admit it, Statistics in Sociology was hard, but, we were able to do extra credit to help our grades.  In real estate, your extra credit is that they will ALLOW you to come back after 24 hours to take the exam again if you so choose INSTEAD of having you wait 30 days like the real estate online class makes you do!

During this year, my emotions were definitely put to the test.  They ranged from disappointment to screw you exam to nervous breakdown to I want to choke someone with my bare hands to I’m going to cry until I can’t open my eyes anymore.  It was pretty rough on me emotionally to say the least!  My friends and family I’m SURE are happy that I finally passed this frigging thing too so they can also move on with their lives and not have to hear “I failed, AGAIN”.  BUT, whether they know it or not, their faith in me kept me going. Their words of encouragement helped me beyond belief and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart!

See you at the top!


*If you are looking to become a real estate agent and have trouble with test taking and comprehension like me, please try Prep Agent.  I watched and listened to his videos on YouTube for two days and understood more than I did doing practice tests, reading material and flashcards COMBINED!*