The Magic Money Challenge

The Magic Money Challenge is a 3 month challenge that I’ve set for myself to see how much money I can make JUST by picking up coins (or hopefully paper money!) off of the ground everywhere I go.  Even though I just got around to posting this, the challenge started October 1, 2016 and will end December 31, 2016 (I have $.27 so far! Ha!).   I’ve seen this challenge done before and you’d be amazed at how much money you can find by just strolling the streets!  I’m looking forward to seeing how much money I can make AND getting some exercise while doing it!

Till next time…I’ll see ya soon!


The Magic Money Challenge

A while ago I started a Magic Money Challenge. It was a challenge to see how much money I could accumulate from money I found on the ground. As time went by, I quit doing it (not sure why) but I’m going to start doing it again.

As of right now, I have $7.65 in the jar. I have a $5.00 bill that I found in a bathroom at Gulfstream Park horse track and I also found a dollar that I believe I found in the parking lot of the same horse track. That is the only paper money I have found so far, the rest are coins.

I’m going to challenge myself until January 1, 2021 to find $20 worth of cash. I think that it’s totally doable even though COVID-19 is happening. People are starting to go out more (so there is more of a chance that when someone grabs their keys out of the their pockets, a quarter or two may fall out for me to pick up at a later date (it’s not stealing if it’s on the ground, right?).

When it starts to get a little cooler here in Florida, I’m going to incorporate anything that I find while metal detecting (one of my other hobbies). I haven’t found anything worthwhile on my metal detecting journeys yet (mostly beer caps) but I also didn’t go out as much last fall, so, this year I’m determined to go out more and to different areas. It’s a fun hobby and I could definitely use the exercise!

With all of that being said, who wants to do the Magic Money Challenge with me?!