Am I ready for Doomsday?

My Doomsday stockpile

I started couponing a few years ago and never looked back!  Couponing is free money and if you do not know how to coupon then find a way to learn!  There are loads of sources on the internet to get you started.   With that being said, I stared at my mini stockpile the other night and was thinking about the show Doomsday Preppers. If you haven’t seen it before, it basically consists of families who are preparing for the end of the world.  They garden, harvest, jar and can their own food. They also have bomb shelters, guns, booby traps and survival kits. Some of the events that they are preparing for range from cyber attacks to natural disasters to nuclear attacks to asteroids hitting the earth.   Some have monthly drills with their family on what to do if one of those things should occur.

When the show first came on the air I thought they were all nutbags and that some of the things they were doing were extreme and crazy but now as I look back, maybe they are on the right track!  Our world is not what it once was.  Things have changed dramatically since I was a kid and bad stories seem to be the norm when you turn on the news these days.  I thought to myself, you can never be too prepared, can you?  I probably won’t go as far as having a bomb shelter in my backyard but I could stand to add some more protection for my money, house and add a few extra gallons of water and alcohol!

So, to answer my question about ‘Am I Ready For Doomsday’? …It’s plain to see that I am not, but, if you are in need of laundry detergent, you know where to come!

Are you ready for Doomsday?




2 comments on “Am I ready for Doomsday?”

  1. I am definitely not ready for Doomsday! I had to tell you though that it was great to see your photos with all the brands that I don’t get to see over this way. I know where I’m heading when life as we know it is over! I hope you will have stockpiled the alcohol by then! Lol!