About Me

Hey guys, Stacy here!

Thanks for coming by! I babble about whatever I want on this blog but mostly steer toward tips about saving money, living frugally, gardening, music, concerts, gambling trips, travel adventures, food and drinks. Jane of all trades, master of NONE!

I am an 80s hard rock/metal freak but listen to and appreciate all types of music, such as R&B, Classic Rock, New Jack Swing and Freestyle. I play tunes at Stacy’s Patio Tunes and DJ a show of the same name at Boom Radio! I’m pretty frugal but am not afraid to drop BIG MONEY on a concert that I really want to see or a meet and greet. I also enjoy going to casinos and betting on a horse or two (which is ALWAYS in the budget!).

I enjoy watching football (UCF alumni & a NY Giants fan since the womb), hockey (Tampa Bay Lightning), 80s & 90s sitcoms (mostly Friends, Seinfeld and The Golden Girls), soap operas (Bold & the Beautiful) & enjoy comedies, reality shows, documentaries, dramas and mob movies/TV shows. 

MOST OF ALL…I am a Jersey girl who found herself in Florida twice in her life already, but hate the heat! I could eat pizza every damn day and not get sick of it. And finally, when I say “I don’t care” I usually mean it.



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