About Me

Hi, I’m Stacy and Welcome to My Living Room

Hmmm…a little bit about me? Well, I’m a Jersey girl living in Florida (and most of the time sweating my ass off!). I’m one of the biggest 80s glam rock fan you’ll ever meet and love going to concerts.  I appreciate good R&B and rap from the 90s too, today’s crap, not so much! I’m a UCF alumni (Go Knights!), REALTOR, work a full time 9-5 and still make time for a few side hustles. I have a hubby of 15 years and a dog named Belle who is in her golden years.

I love to save money and am always looking for new ways to be more frugal! I’m a pretty social person but do enjoy my alone time and my I hate people time. I love being connected to the internet and social media but sometimes want to run away to the mountains without any distractions and just write! 

Well that’s it in a nutshell. Hope you stick around  🙂 

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